A Narrative Short Film  –  Coming soon! Spring 2012
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I feel privileged, humbled and excited to be playing Sei Fujii in your upcoming dramatic short film, LIL TOKYO REPORTER. Fujii was a man of definite distinction, yet largely forgotten, even within our own community. His is like many of the stories of our Issei pioneers, who came to this country with big dreams and large hopes, but faced tremendous hardships. As a community leader, Fujii not only overcame the odds, he became a man of great accomplishment, paving paths for all of us today.

Japanese Americans have an active and prominent past many are not aware of. It is vital that we strive to honor these histories – American stories which help to complete the picture of how diverse, vibrant and unique our country is.

I am extremely proud to be playing this role in LIL TOKYO REPORTER. I look forward to working with you and your talented team, in making a truly significant, entertaining and illuminating work.

Thank you for inviting me to follow on the journey.


Chris Tashima